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Club Shop now open!
We are pleased to announce that the Swimzi Paignton Swimming Club Shop is now open for orders. The shop is open for a limited time period so ALL ORDERS NEED TO BE PLACED BEFORE MIDNIGHT ON WEDNESDAY 20TH OCTOBER 2021.
New products
You may notice that there are some new products in the shop. The performance hoodies are a polyester based product like the sort of sports hoodies you would buy from Nike or Adidas, see Adam Peaty wearing our London Roar version attached. They are made using an Italian 4 way stretch fabric and are obviously a bit lighter than the sweatwear / cotton version. A sample product is being sent to us from Swimzi and should be with us shortly so that you can look at it before ordering if you wish. Once it arrives we’ll bring it down to all the training sessions.
More products with no minimum order quantities
Swimzi has changed factories which means that many products can now be made with a shorter lead time and with no minimum order quantities (MOQs). Products with no MOQ include performance hoodies, track suits, swimwear, club shirts and shorts.
Please check the website carefully for expected delivery dates. PLEASE NOTE: THE PRODUCTS HIGHLIGHTED RED WILL BE DELIVERED IN JANUARY 2022 AND NOT BEFORE XMAS
Orders will be sent out to individual member addresses as soon as they are ready.

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