Level X

Results from first session

Corrected results for some reason a few swimmers were missing from results.

Level x 50m Freestyle corrected

Level x 50m Breaststroke corrected

Level x 50m Backstroke corrected

Level x 50m Butterfly corrected                      Please note 25m Fly times still to come


The schedule will be as follows:

Wed 4th November – 50m freestyle and 50m breaststroke 

                                                  50m backstroke and 50m butterfly



All other events cancelled due to Covid.

Results from the 50m will be published here as soon as possible.

Depending on Swim England rulings. it is our intention to run some or most of these events after a suitable period, possibly in the new year.



Friday 6th November –

Wed 11th November – 100m freestyle & 100m breaststroke 

Friday 13 November – 100m backstroke & 100m butterfly 

                                             Bronze groups 25m freestyle & 25m breaststroke 

Wed 18th November – 100 IM & 200 freestyle 

Friday 20th November – 200m breaststroke 

                                               Bronze groups 25m backstroke & 25m butterfly 

Wed 25th November – 200m backstroke & 200m butterfly 

Friday 27th November – 200m IM 

Wed 9th December – 400m freestyle – Gold and Platinum Squads only 

Friday 11th December – 400m IM – Gold and Platinum Squads only 


The Bronze groups on a Friday night will be doing a one length fun time trial.  These results will not be part of the Level X Racing, but will still be used for the purposes of the Club Championships where age groups permit.