Author: Derek Wyatt

Swimzi order

Dear all

Club Shop now open!
We are pleased to announce that the Swimzi Paignton Swimming Club Shop is now open for orders. The shop is open for a limited time period so ALL ORDERS NEED TO BE PLACED BEFORE MIDNIGHT ON WEDNESDAY 20TH OCTOBER 2021.
New products
You may notice that there are some new products in the shop. The performance hoodies are a polyester based product like the sort of sports hoodies you would buy from Nike or Adidas, see Adam Peaty wearing our London Roar version attached. They are made using an Italian 4 way stretch fabric and are obviously a bit lighter than the sweatwear / cotton version. A sample product is being sent to us from Swimzi and should be with us shortly so that you can look at it before ordering if you wish. Once it arrives we’ll bring it down to all the training sessions.
More products with no minimum order quantities
Swimzi has changed factories which means that many products can now be made with a shorter lead time and with no minimum order quantities (MOQs). Products with no MOQ include performance hoodies, track suits, swimwear, club shirts and shorts.
Please check the website carefully for expected delivery dates. PLEASE NOTE: THE PRODUCTS HIGHLIGHTED RED WILL BE DELIVERED IN JANUARY 2022 AND NOT BEFORE XMAS
Orders will be sent out to individual member addresses as soon as they are ready.

Williams Shield Gala

After a turbulent 18 months it was great to welcome back Brixham, Newton Abbot,  and Torquay Leander to the Williams Shield Gala on Wednesday 29th September 2021.  This was our first competitive event against the local clubs since July 2019 due to COVID.  For some of our swimmers it was their first competition where they performed magnificently.  A huge thank you to all poolside helpers, officials and especially to the parents who supported their children so loudly – we certainly have missed that atmosphere !
Paignton – 126
Brixham – 104
Torquay Leander – 87
Newton Abbot – 59
Congratulations to Nathan Apps, who has been selected for the 2020/2021 Swim England National Development Programme!
We are extremely proud of all your hard work and resilience over the past 18 months.  Looking forward to seeing you swim this season!

Free Land Training Taster Session

The virtual land training times have slightly altered.  As from next week they will now be at:-
6.00pm – for the 12 and under age group
6.45pm – for the 13 and over age group
We hope this is a more agreeable time for you all to attend.
Next week we are running free ‘taster’ sessions for both the Monday and Wednesday sessions.  We are hoping that as many of you book on and give it a try!
Please book onto the system below but do not pay for the session/s.
You must be booked on the day before so Sunday for Monday sessions and Tuesday for Wednesdays.
You will be sent a confirmation email on the morning of the training which will have the zoom links and passcode.
we hope to see you all there.
Paignton Swimming club.

Booking is via the link below and is all online. Our thanks to Kevin Morris at discovery software for the setup of the system.

Details and instructions of how to book on the system are attached or click the link below

Membership Renewal

Last day for membership renewals.

Please remember to complete before the end of the day.

For those of you still needing to renew for 2021 please remember that this is the last day.

From tomorrow you will be still able to renew but will have to start from scratch on the system; effectively applying for membership once more. You also become liable for the rejoining/late payment  fee of £10 per membership.


Land Training Every Monday & Wednesday

Land Training

Initially these sessions are aimed at the Platinum &  Gold squad swimmers as well as the under 13 and under 15 age grouped polo players. (If in doubt check with Doug)
We are hoping to expand this in the future.
The aim is to keep the swimmers fit, motivated and more importantly have some fun with their friends!
The sessions will be starting on Monday 25th January 2021 for the following age groups and will run each Monday and Wednesday.
12 years & under  – 7.00pm – 7.30pm
13 years & over – 7.40pm – 8.10pm


You will be able to book on to these sessions via a booking app.
Details and instructions of how to book on the system will be sent out shortly or click

The cost of the session will be £2 per member.

Our new land training is initially open to all in Platinum squad, Gold squad and waterpolo players

These sessions  will be split into 2 age group bands.

12 yrs and under and

13yrs and over

Booking is via the link below and is all online. Our thanks to Kevin Morris at discovery software for the setup of the system.

Please be aware of the  conditions of booking below.


Please make sure that you have considered the following BEFORE commencing with this online activity

 You should not participate within the session if you are not fit and healthy. Be aware of your own capabilities and do only what you are comfortable doing – seek medical advice if in doubt.

As a participant or If you are under 18 please ask a parent or guardian to consent to you taking part. You/They must agree to the following:

– That you are fit and healthy enough to participate

– They will be in proximity to you at all times to deal with any issues that arise

– They agree to stop the training if there are any health or safety concerns

– That the environment is suitable for what you are about to undertake

Check Your Surroundings

  • If indoors, what is the floor like? Is it safe and will it stay so if it gets wet (if applicable)?
  • Is the area well ventilated?
  • Do you have a mat? If not is the ground suitable for body based exercise?
  • Is there furniture you might bump into—can it be moved? If so, move it!
  • Do you have enough space to exercise safely?
  • Are there any trip hazards?
  • You must wear appropriate clothing at all times including suitable footwear, no jewellery etc.
  • Keep pets and any other distractions out of the way during exercise!

Always stay Hydrated!


 Participation in this activity is fully at the individual’s or their Parent/guardians risk.  Neither Paignton Swimming Club, nor the individual leading the session, accept any liability for any injury or consequential damage that may result from participation. 

Freezing Dip 2021

​Morning all
We all hope for a better year next year and as usual we wish to get 2021 off to our traditional start.
The committee has decided that we need some normality and so we are going ahead with the normal year opening freezing Dip at 11.00am New year’s day this Friday.
This time it will have to be slightly different. All we ask, is that you all remember the rules and stay socially distanced and if applicable in family groups. we don’t want to start the year getting anyone in trouble.
Luckily for us the beach is very large so distancing won’t be much of a problem.
Wishing you all the best for a better healthier 2021
Paignton swimming club.


The club wishes you all good health in these trying times.

We will update you all by email in the usual manner when things alter and hope to see you all again in December.